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grime [oct. 9e, 2006|07:54 pm]
[Dripping with |groggygroggy]
[Swiveling to |Franz]

Just got home from the city, and I feel so dirty. I always feel like I've rolled on the subway floor by the time I make the trek from 82nd and 1st to the 6, down to Grand Central, switch to the shuttle to Times Square, then the 1 down to Penn, then to Secaucus, then to Port Jervis. All while carrying a laptop and two bags, which after an hour, hurts like a bitch. But it was worth it. I finally treated my mom to a nice night in the city--I paid for tickets and dinner. She works at the Real Estate office in town, and has been bummed out she no longer has weekends free. Because I took pictures for MIDDLETOWN CLASS OF 76 (!!!) (obnoxious assholes) I actually had a bit of cash to burn (though instead of a tip they gave me a bottle of wine--I did not complain). After dinner I dropped mom off at home and made Dom and Riggi come visit me. Those boys are a handful, but I love 'em. We wanted to go to the Italian Day/John Lennon's Birthday parade, but we slept in instead.
I'm really pissed I had to work and miss Eric's goodbye party. It sounded like a good time.
>>Is anyone else going to see MSI on Halloween? I'm thinking about going with Scott, but I don't know him too well, so a buddy would be nice.

***Note to Cranny: Did you pierce your eyebrow?!

In other, scarier news:
WildPikey: yeah, i saw this great korean horror flick
WildPikey: it was fantastic
poeticstripper: ahh, korea is a horric flick as of late, isn't it?

[User Picture]From: rkstr2point0
2006-10-10 07:34 pm (UTC)
cranny: wouldn't you like to know?

...no, i didn't.

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