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MILK HEART BAG [jan. 21e, 2013|03:07 pm]
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Where oh where can a girl in the USA find a milk heart handbag? I wish I could go to Tokyo to find one :''(
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summary [fév. 22e, 2007|01:15 am]
I received a book of Anne Sexton's poetry in the mail today. The return address was DV, but there was no note or name attached to the book. hmm... I have my suspicions who it's from. There's only a couple of people who know how I feel about Anne.

Cranny's going to kill me if I call him late to sing one more time. I can't help it, the creative block I've had for months is crumbling. This is good for painting and songwriting, but hell for my grades. My A's are all crumbling, too. A 69 in French.. Mon Dieu! I'm sure i can drag it up to a B, do colleges really care at this point? As long as I don't pull an Alex I'll be fine.
God. I find out in a month.
I'm not gonna think about it.

At least I have art to fall back on... since I put stuff up at Nellie's I've had 6 offers to buy stuff and 2 of the local galleries want to book me. That's pretty cool.

This has been a pretty good February. I spend a lot of time with Gen and Jen and Jay at the tattoo shop. And too much time at the Venture with Caitlin and Jen. Ahh well. There's worse ways to spend your weekends than dancing to Gogol Bordello in a bar where you and your friends are the only people with full sets of teeth.

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This was a good way to procrastinate my calc homework 5 minutes.Réduire )
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Lucy in the Sky... [oct. 28e, 2006|04:22 pm]
no sleep in 2 days, I am losing my mind
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shabam [oct. 20e, 2006|11:11 pm]

kate hoover + kelsey + 2 completed college apps= :]
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Cake [oct. 19e, 2006|12:31 am]
I just made my Marie Antoinette costume using a mix of stray fabric and old dresses. I feel a bit better.

Now I have to start my actual homework. Bugger.
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blah [oct. 18e, 2006|09:17 pm]
what a rut. I'm sick of the daily grind, sick of my body, sick of the cynics, sick of feeling like such a ungainly freak.

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this weekend [oct. 12e, 2006|12:14 am]
[Dripping with |dorkystudious]
[Swiveling to |Maria Callas]

Shooting the portfolio, the Film Fest, the bear auction, SATs, Homecoming, the party at Pheonix, work Fri+Sun, Cranny, Jess, finishing college essays, painting Errol.

I love how usually there's never a damn (fun) thing to do around here, and how everything just crams itself up into 1 weekend.

It's madness... I'm excited.
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grime [oct. 9e, 2006|07:54 pm]
[Dripping with |groggygroggy]
[Swiveling to |Franz]

Just got home from the city, and I feel so dirty. I always feel like I've rolled on the subway floor by the time I make the trek from 82nd and 1st to the 6, down to Grand Central, switch to the shuttle to Times Square, then the 1 down to Penn, then to Secaucus, then to Port Jervis. All while carrying a laptop and two bags, which after an hour, hurts like a bitch. But it was worth it. I finally treated my mom to a nice night in the city--I paid for tickets and dinner. She works at the Real Estate office in town, and has been bummed out she no longer has weekends free. Because I took pictures for MIDDLETOWN CLASS OF 76 (!!!) (obnoxious assholes) I actually had a bit of cash to burn (though instead of a tip they gave me a bottle of wine--I did not complain). After dinner I dropped mom off at home and made Dom and Riggi come visit me. Those boys are a handful, but I love 'em. We wanted to go to the Italian Day/John Lennon's Birthday parade, but we slept in instead.
I'm really pissed I had to work and miss Eric's goodbye party. It sounded like a good time.
>>Is anyone else going to see MSI on Halloween? I'm thinking about going with Scott, but I don't know him too well, so a buddy would be nice.

***Note to Cranny: Did you pierce your eyebrow?!

In other, scarier news:
WildPikey: yeah, i saw this great korean horror flick
WildPikey: it was fantastic
poeticstripper: ahh, korea is a horric flick as of late, isn't it?
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(pas de sujets) [oct. 5e, 2006|12:03 am]
[Dripping with |lazylazy]

Raccoons everywhere!

I need to learn to curb my procrastinating ways, I need to get to bed before 2 just once.
But I know that will never happen.

--Mr Robbins told a kid to roast in hell today under his breath (for handing in a S+W paper in late)
--I'm finally getting my portfolio together. Finally--I'm almost ready to apply. The world's going to be a calmer place once that's out of the way.
--Cranny. Coming home.

--Eric leaving soon. I don't even know what the hell I am going to do without seeing that kid at least every other day. It's absofuckinglutley unthinkable, he and Errol are my only sources for girltalk and open mic bongo favorites.
--Falling asleep every day 6th period.
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(pas de sujets) [oct. 1er, 2006|10:33 pm]
[Dripping with |excitedexcited]

but tickets arn't on sale yet!! Ahhh!!

Who's coming with me? Who?!

I know Eric is.

We caught the raccoon! My dad was ready to shoot it but I convinced him to let it loose a few miles away, bad thing is though, the bugger might be back. Ugh.
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